About GetItOut.eu

GetItOut.eu (still under construction) will soon bring you the most revealing stories of renowned journalists in the world.

The internet and social media have made the world much smaller. All the news is out there for everybody, but for most people it is impossible to read French, German, Spanish, Italian or Dutch media.

We translate the best journalistic productions into English, and preferably many more languages in the near future. Some articles are too good to be published only in one newspaper in one language. Wouldn’t it be great if you could read all the best journalism in the world?

We are fully independent, so no commercial content or banners! You pay per read or support us with your monthly subscription. And with your payment you directly support the independent journalists.

The best researched and most revealing stories deserve to be out there. So let’s get it out!

GetItOut.eu is:

  • The best journalism in the world -> Only the best articles from renowned journalists and you support them directly with your membership or pay per read.
  • Let’s crash the language bubbles -> There are so many stories out there that deserve a worldwide audience.
  • Fully independent -> No adds or sponsored content. We will introduce a simpel paywall after the pilot so you can pay-per-read or get a monthly subscription. During the free pilot we will ask you to support us by registering for our free newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.